Maintenance(Retrofitting) work of Head Works Sluiceway

Maintenance(Retrofitting) work of Head Works Sluiceway

Structure Retrofitting

Client Butwal Power Company Limited
Location Jhimruk Hydroelectric Centre, Pyuthan
Completed On July 2017
Project Type Structure Retrofitting
Earlier Condition

Repairs, primarily re- concreting damaged portions, of Head Works Under Sluices in every 2 to 3 years of interval is must to restore the surface profile for to preserve a clear and defined river channel approaching the canal regulator, to scour silt deposited in front of canal regulator and control silt entry in the canal, to facilitate working of weir crest shutters or gates, to lower the highest flood level

Work Done

Head Works Under Sluices repair by micro concrete, stonelining, epoxy plaster with granite sand, hydro mechanical works of stainless steel lining with MS plate replacement & I Beam work

The Progress

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